What makes for a successful PR agency-Client relationship?

18th August 2017

Most businesses want to find ‘the one’ when it comes to their PR agency; someone they can build an enduring relationship with. But it isn’t always that easy and can sometimes be difficult to sustain. 

Having worked with a number of brands for a number of years, here’s our tip on what makes a relationship last.

1. You get out of it what you put into it

Just like any relationship, you need to invest time (on both sides) to make it work. Clients and agency need to become and work as a team to deliver great work that leads to results. Give your PR agency as much access to you, your team and your business as possible, especially in the early days when they are getting to grips with your offering. In return, your PR agency should be on hand to answer questions and explain what they are going to deliver for you.

2. Little details make all the difference

Often it is the small stuff that makes all the difference – good or bad – that can make or break a relationship. Lack of attention to detail, poor communication, turning up late, running over budget are all small, basic details but can cause huge frustrations. At the same time, remembering small details about your clients can also help to foster a positive relationship and portray that you care about it.

3. Authenticity

A PR agency should always deliver what they promise but realistic expectations should always be set before a campaign starts. Want a double page spread in The Telegraph? Can that realistically be achieved? Even if it’s not what the client wants to hear, be honest and respectful. In the long run, your client will respect you for it.

4. Listening

Are you listening to what the other one is saying? Following your own agendas are going to lead to problems pretty quickly. The key here is being able to sit back and listen to what the other is saying and take it on board!

5. Understand what PR is and what it can achieve

First things first, PR isn’t marketing. It won’t deliver the same results and shouldn’t be expected to. PR is about changing perspectives, telling your story and influencing the influencers.

Want to get your new hero product into the hands of national journalists? PR does that. Want to communicate and speak to your key consumer base? PR does that. Want to drive forward your business through increasing sales? PR does that.

Clients should be aware that as a PR agency, we want to get you media coverage across all your key publications and drive your sales. To do it properly, it has to be built on a successful client-agency relationship.



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