PR and content marketing: A match made in heaven?

31st May 2017

The digital world has changed the face of PR, and today it’s widely accepted that bloggers and social media play an important role in spreading the word about new products. So how can businesses grab the attention of influencers and customers? 

This is where content marketing comes in. Posting videos, links, news and relevant content to social media feeds has become part and parcel of promoting your business or brand. In this digital age, anyone can have a go at this – but does that mean anyone should? Is the role of the PR professional dead?

Far from it. In a world of mass-produced content marketing, quality is still key. Rather than bombarding social media with mis-timed posts or random updates, a PR agency will create an expert digital strategy – to launch the best stories, at the right time, on the perfect platform for your business.

PR agencies still have the strongest links with online journalists and bloggers, too. This gives you unrivalled access to the people you really need to see your new product. PR has evolved to meet the changing requirements of digital marketing. They know whether a journalist prefers a phone call or a tweet. They know when a webinar will work better than a press conference.

And possibly most importantly, they know how to use social platforms to listen and respond to your customers. Creating a valuable dialogue and knowing just what to do with the attention your product or business receives.

By overseeing your content marketing strategy, a PR team will be custodians of your brand. Ensuring that every post, every update, every tweet, every ‘hash tag’ and every ‘like’ fits seamlessly with your brand personality. So whatever the platform, your online communications will be completely consistent with your offline branding.

A key part of a PR professional’s role is also to stay ahead of the latest trends. Armed with this knowledge, they are perfectly placed to lead the way in new content marketing ideas. And to identify where bloggers might look for the ‘next big thing’.

Regular, fresh and high quality content gets the search engines to stop by more frequently. Entrusting your PR agency with producing your content lifts this burden from yourself, and minimises the temptation to update your website or social media pages with low quality or meaningless content.

So PR and content marketing are now intrinsically linked. They have to be. They share the common goal of creating a quality message that gets where it needs to be. In a world where everyone can be a content marketeer, PR is now more important than ever. Content marketing tells a great story, and a PR agency like Juno can make sure the right people read it. 

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